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"Alfred N. Prewitt ~ Business Man, Entrepreneur and Prize-Winning Horse Breeder"

Alfred N Prewitt, “Big Al” was born in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, in 1928. He made tracks all over the countryside, literally, with his beloved and prize winning horses, a passion that grew from his family’s deep bluegrass roots in Kentucky. In 1841, Al’s great-grandfather, Caswell Prewitt, had completed a house with a two-story barn for his horses near Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. That two-story barn is still in the family today. The Prewitt family history dates back over one hundred years. Anne Kenney, a Great-great-grandmother, offered a relief mount to a circuit rider who was announcing the assassination of President Lincoln. Great Aunt Annie’s family sold horses during the Civil War. Sam Tuttle, was a customer of Al’s father, Edward Prewitt, of who’s horses were considered the foundation for the Rocky Mountain Horse Breed.

Edward Prewitt, Al’s father, expected the entire family to ride and work on the family farm of 6000 acres, called Vergeland. Al said the name “Vergeland” was created because his mother was always on the verge of leaving his father. Today, Vergeland Farm is fully operational and thriving in Kentucky raising horses, cattle and farming several thousands of acres.

In 1951, Al arrived in Fayetteville serving in the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg. In 1953, Al married Merle Rainey, daughter of the personal physician of the Rockefellers. Together, Merle and Al have three sons, Tad, Robbie and Tom.

Al developed the Cypress Lakes Community in southern Cumberland County originating from 40 acres of the old Rainey Family Farm. Today, Cypress Lakes is a thriving community to include a Golf Course, Breeding Barns and a housing community expanding into several thousands of acres.

The Prewitt family has been in the horse business for over 150 years. Al Prewitt had success showing and breeding the animals. One of his horses, Tom’s Pride, was the only two-time grand champion of the Rocky Mountain International Show held annually in Lexington, KY.

On May 25, 2003, Al not only celebrated his 75th birthday, he also celebrated being declared cancer-free. That very weekend, Al was tragically struck and killed in South Carolina, only minutes away from reaching another horse show.

John Bergland, a close friend of Mr. Prewitt said it best; “Sometimes people come into a room and you don’t know they are there, or when they leave, or that they were ever there at all. But Al Prewitt knew how to come into a room. When he did it was warm and lively and good. He made Fayetteville and Kentucky his home and now he is making the Streets of Gold his home. Because, Al Prewitt knew how to come into a room.”

Please come and visit Cypress Lakes Stables or Vergeland Farm and let the spirit of Champions make your dreams come true.