Ramiro Moreno
910 624-1132
Hope Mills, NC 28348
Toro Moreno
Mt. Sterling, Ky 40353
Office - 910-483-1144
Owned & Operated by the Al Prewitt Family


Photo Gallery

Cypress Lakes always make me SMILE
The Brombies
Come on over here darlin and...
...Give me a Kiss
Pssss...I can be yours.
Where's Elmo?
Anyone seen this man?
You got to be kidding I see that halter in your hand
Oh well Kentucky plays at 1:00. I'll be back
Has anybody seen my wife in here?
Piddley Pat’s Captain - Giving a gentle kiss to Marisol.
Piddley Pat’s Captain - Upcoming breeding stallion
Precious Rock
Marisol Moreno -2 yrs old on Cowboy